58 Commits (stable)

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Penguin 3fb49fbf28 correction in doc 3 months ago
Penguin 5e3e829712 updated doc 3 months ago
Penguin b60d2d706e benchmark runs and fails randomly... next task is to update to master branch of lvgl so documentation becomes useful again 5 months ago
Penguin 265ab8d738 reverting from new lvgl to old... there were way more api changes than i thought 5 months ago
Penguin cbf97e8372 testing neovim 5 months ago
Penguin 8cf7423e20 removing clangd cache 6 months ago
Penguin 94fb0637f1 removing oracle_e54_edition project as oracle_same54n19a is the project that oracle_e54_edition was supposed to be. I will eventually make a oracle_same54p20a version though 6 months ago
Penguin 9b39ac00ec added i2c for same54n19a 6 months ago
Penguin 0c0d9ebe94 confirming objs deleted 6 months ago
Penguin 155239c1c9 testing deletion of objs 6 months ago
Penguin a61b5ac28a test 6 months ago
Penguin ae83d1a0ed test 6 months ago
Penguin eac003a552 deleting objs 6 months ago
Penguin 2e3b6c5a73 excluding build objects 6 months ago
Penguin 7d7b15078e Got the screen working with the new board with asf4. veery hyped. this is only with 16 bits of data at a time though. need to get 24 bits working now. HYPE 6 months ago
Penguin 263cad76d0 lvgl debug statements back to working, no display yet for some reason. also changed specs in makefile for crossdev generated toolchain 6 months ago
Penguin 42f177ec81 realized now that i never actually ported the project to the new board... so i just needed to port the project and it will work fine. things like mcu, sercom for usart, and pin definitions are different 6 months ago
Penguin 85e5758dd4 facing difficulties with the toolchain from crossdev... frustrating 6 months ago
Penguin 1a385a3a0b i now realize what i was doing way back when... the pre_port project was an asf4 project spawned in atmel studio. the regular e54_edition was a version meant for just gcc and a makefile 6 months ago
Penguin e59dbb2c88 added esf project but theres nothing in it yet 6 months ago
Penguin 0657728299 rebeginning development here in 2 tiers: asf4 and esf 6 months ago
Penguin 7d18f8a9b5 migrating 6 months ago
Penguin 5de15568a0 custom makefile working! 2 years ago
Penguin 068e16b549 almost got makefile working! 2 years ago
Penguin 2ba980d833 moving away from atmel studio. its become too much of a burden to keep using 2 years ago
Penguin 7ea3c89300 SAME54 consistently presenting a nice image! 2 years ago
Penguin 14b392d668 e54 working with the screen for the first time ever! it is still buggy but huge milestone 2 years ago
Penguin 5bb598d9f5 remade the e54 project because the first one shit the bed zzz 2 years ago
Penguin 40fbbb4f5b . 2 years ago
Penguin 320cd7bd7a d21 now has a working image! 2 years ago
Penguin 8c4ee7228c added idc header breakout board to replace the rpi one that gave me trouble 2 years ago
Penguin dc7e46e243 Got the screen to power on using the D21! There was an electrical issue... It will be documented -_- 2 years ago
Penguin 322e0237d0 fixed usart callbacks not working 2 years ago
Penguin 40656c18aa d21 somewhat stable now, still no screen output rip 2 years ago
Penguin 70286bfc2c prepping d21 test project 2 years ago
Penguin 2852975f89 stuck on these stupid lcd driver variables again 2 years ago
Penguin 05e015b1f6 added hw pin mappings for ssd1963 2 years ago
Penguin fb837a3018 added lvgl 2 years ago
Penguin 2a6794d57c preparing a fix 2 years ago
Penguin 4b98ec2e5a testing 2 years ago
Penguin 8d8856f22e . 2 years ago
Penguin 554184343e started on framework for test projecgt 2 years ago
Penguin 8a12ae95c4 . 2 years ago
Penguin 31295af44a added new testing proj 2 years ago
Penguin 60bf20d4c7 restructuring test sw project 2 years ago
Penguin 3d08c69662 added testing sw for xplained 2 years ago
Penguin 24d0d79a49 migrating to laptop 2 years ago
Penguin 3ffa149ce8 Made board smaller, changed some small things 2 years ago
Penguin 0b2d8eab2d Added usart, i2c, and spi pin locations, as well as labeled sercoms 2 years ago
Penguin 3c3fc3f82b going with barrel jack 5v+2A optional input, with usb supplying 400mA + 100mA for internals 2 years ago