This started as a learning project that eventually spiraled into supporting multiple mcus and multiple screens. See README
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This project started as a learning project so I could learn how to integrate LVGL with ASF3 using a SAMD21. It evolved into something a little more complex. This project now supports the SAME54 using ASF4 and the SAMD21 using ASF3. I now use this as a reference for other LVGL projects. The supported LCD drivers are the SSD1963 and ILI9486 (IL9468 is not working atm). This repository is filled with previously undocumented knowns that were really annoying to find, so having this as a reference is extremely useful now. The project is a mess, but it's because it has around a year (on and off) of research in it, and it was only ever meant to be a reference.

I also made a PCB for this project: