91 Commits (stable)

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  Penguin ef2a1204a8 testing something 3 weeks ago
  Penguin a1192d3e04 trimming 3 weeks ago
  Penguin ad2ab3ca1d removing toolchains for the foreseeable future 3 weeks ago
  Penguin a6039dd582 updating things to work with igloo 0.1.1 3 weeks ago
  Penguin 4bc33de186 Merge branch 'stable' of git.epenguin.net:ePenguin/ePenguin-Software-Framework into stable 1 month ago
  Penguin c4bdb1d55d updating the way target manifests look 1 month ago
  Penguin e4f5ca0a30 changed make-manifest to use default arm-none-eabi toolchain and arm-none-eabi-gdb instead of arm-none-eabi-gdb-py for maximum compatibility 2 months ago
  Penguin f8bb9afba7 adding documentation 2 months ago
  Penguin ea0c18f1ef adding documentation 2 months ago
  Penguin 7764249c11 formatting 2 months ago
  Penguin 29e0cc3b8e updated readme instructions 2 months ago
  penguin b9d5e38cce updating docs again 1 year ago
  penguin 32114c85ab updating doc more... 1 year ago
  penguin 56dc781395 added doxygen... i hate it 1 year ago
  penguin 67d34c3b27 clocks verified... dfll48m, dpll at 120mhz, osc32k 1 year ago
  penguin 0596887e45 updated config with less options but same functionality 1 year ago
  penguin 15d2ed1ef7 dpll and 12mhz osc0 working 1 year ago
  penguin 8320d372a8 . 1 year ago
  penguin 1bff199f47 updating tests 1 year ago
  penguin 7c8a3a2a65 added more thingies 1 year ago
  penguin fa818a37aa updating clocks for e54 1 year ago
  penguin f8fca08efe working on core module for same54 1 year ago
  penguin 00a5b89ab5 . 1 year ago
  penguin aeec9569b3 added stuff 1 year ago
  penguin 94abf68494 moving toolchains to different repo 1 year ago
  penguin 5dd0775dc4 added riscv64-unknown toolchain 1 year ago
  penguin 0f534f8a55 fixed man files for d51 chips 1 year ago
  penguin 6fb4706287 added support for samd51a mcus 1 year ago
  penguin 249326559f all d21 chips should be supported now 1 year ago
  penguin 921394911f added support for e54 chips 1 year ago
  penguin 5392b0e4e2 fixed type in readme 1 year ago
  penguin f3e23c6712 updated readme 1 year ago
  penguin 01b04edc96 updated readme 1 year ago
  penguin 07cfe33b15 Updated readme with some basic instructions 1 year ago
  penguin afceeba196 Updated readme with some basic instructions 1 year ago
  penguin ea10347f7e e54p20a successfully generated and compiled! 1 year ago
  penguin da67d67537 cleaning up 1 year ago
  penguin 6c683670d2 broken stuff rn 1 year ago
  penguin d750980ce5 changed cfg folders to manifest folders 1 year ago
  penguin 439d62a704 changed cfg to manifest 1 year ago
  penguin df71b555b0 updated target manifest for more mcu support 1 year ago
  penguin a4611500fb successfully generated a makefile that worked with no tweaks 1 year ago
  penguin 1b8ac7bbcf bug fixes and readability improvements 1 year ago
  penguin a2aee475ea makefile bug fixed! 1 year ago
  penguin 481d5c1a7c bug with makefiles 1 year ago
  penguin 07ade28ba2 adding mcu headers for atmel chips 1 year ago
  penguin 7113c7f56f the monkey dances and laughs and sings and dances 1 year ago
  penguin 203e726ba8 adding e54, e53, and d51 support 1 year ago
  penguin f8fe82d230 arm and avr toolchains tested a bit 1 year ago
  penguin 93f80f9c16 alex is a dummy 1 year ago