17 Commits (stable)

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Penguin 389921b1b8 connected OE to 3v3 on the motor controller board. Added a bodge on the board I have now for a temp fix. I thought OE was active low this whole time... zzz 1 year ago
Penguin 65fb89dde6 pi hat finished and ordered, removed level shifter because I didn't need it. Not sure why I thought I needed it. 1 year ago
Penguin 1543a7219a added readme 1 year ago
Penguin d0535700f6 added readme to glue board 1 year ago
Penguin 652217d449 moved glue board into this repo 1 year ago
Penguin 04368ed806 pi hat finished 1 year ago
Penguin 6f7fa5fe80 added jst headers for camera servos, need to figure out heatsink situation for the l298n 2 years ago
Penguin c0c9f4bbba added level shifter because I forgot the l298n needs at least 5v logic levels 2 years ago
Penguin fa2d2ff847 moving power to a molex header from the ethernet cable. power over ethernet without it actually being power over ethernet irked me. removed a bunch of fets because the control and enable pins on the l298n dont actually draw much current 2 years ago
Penguin db7e561e66 rm auto save 2 years ago
Penguin f798ffda51 moved old project to pre-pcb, starting new board which will help save space 2 years ago
Penguin cb3409785e moved uart from uart 2 to uart 4 because uart 2 was causing issues 2 years ago
Penguin 6067926c86 added level shifter for 5v 2 years ago
Penguin 171ea27771 moved usart pins 2 years ago
Penguin 5f2c0eac0f misc 2 years ago
Penguin 29efa79de8 Kicad headaches 2 years ago
Penguin 9307a552e3 init, basic overview schematic with some images 2 years ago