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# Penguinator-Glue-Board
This board is just a PCB consolidation of different components to make it easier to work with. It's the primary motor controller in use right now. I might switch to the actual penguinator pcb if the need arises.
It has 2 connectors for controlling the camera servos, 1 connector for controlling the motor, and 1 connector for power reception. It also has an RJ45 connector for RS485 communication to the pi.
# pi-hat
The pi-hat is a Pi hat that has an RJ45 connector (for communication to the motor controller) and two power connectors. One power connector is for receiving power from the buck converter, and the other power connector is for giving power to the motor controller (aka glue board).
# penguinator_pcb
This PCB saves space by adding the buck converter and motor controller interfacing board on it. It also gets rid of using the nucleo and has an stm32l4 on board. I don't want to use this currently because soldering it is work I haven't found time for. I also haven't really finished it. It's mostly there. I just haven't gone back and triple checked it. I also haven't found out how to add the L298 heat sink to it.
# pre-pcb
This really isn't a pcb. It's just a schematic of the original design. It has a pcb included, but I was never planning on ordering and using it.