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*** Fonts (Nerd Fonts)
(Nerd) Fonts are an important part of using lunarvim. Nerd fonts are just regular fonts that have been "patched" with glyphs. There's actually a website purely for looking up glyph codes so you can patch your own fonts: The glyphs in nerd fonts are used as icons for a bunch of things like git, tabs, folders, etc. I use jet brains mono: (free and open source font), but you can use whatever font you'd like. Here's a list of (pretty much) confirmed working fonts:
** WIP Jumping into lunarvim
** WIP: Jumping into lunarvim
*** Documentation
- Firstly, here's the official LunarVim quickstart guide: There are also some YouTube videos created by the LunarVim creator, chris@machine. If you wish to see how he essentially created lunarvim, here's his [[][neovim from scratch series]]. It's not an exact copy of the lunarvim config, but it is a very detailed guide on how to do everything LunarVim does in neovim.
- Remember to use =:help <phrase>= for information on vim and nvim functions. A lot of the time the function you need exists already, and it's in the documentation.
@ -98,10 +98,10 @@ NOTE: These keybinds are viewable via your leader key. Just hit your leader key
| =<Spc h>= | Remove search highlight |
| =<Spc q>= | quit |
*** TODO Window Management vs Buffer Management
** TODO Configuring Lunarvim
*** TODO: Window Management vs Buffer Management
** TODO: Configuring Lunarvim
This section will include snippets from my config to explain what it is doing and why I am doing it.
*** TODO Setting Keybinds
*** TODO Setting up language support
*** TODO Setting up LSP servers (extends language support)
*** TODO: Setting Keybinds
*** TODO: Setting up language support
*** TODO: Setting up LSP servers (extends language support)
This section will mainly include setting up C/C++ clangd support. Other stuff may or may not show up because it is less important to me.